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Bad kerning: The Mentalist *UPDATED*

As part of my remit to kvetch about bad typography I had to mention the nasty type-it-and-fergeddit attitude by whoever does the titles for The Mentalist. Had to.

But look – we’re now 4 seasons in and someone heard me!

They’ve nudged the W and the A together to stop people driving trucks through. Look, here’s what it used to look like (for 3 whole seasons):

There are a few other kerning-based atrocities throughout the sequence (and Mr Yeoman’s credit is still a little inconsistent), but they fixed the worst one, yay!

Next question – isn’t it about time I was recognised financially for this service?

New project: h’s Lights controller

[Update: 3D render of the board! Woo]
I’ve been putting LED lights up around the house, driven by solar panels. Free light. Yummy. To save precious power, and because they look cool, I like the lights to be automatic – fade up automatically when you enter a room, fade out when it senses you’ve gone. It’s a simple thing to build a circuit to control it all, but it gets a bit tedious building the same circuit over and over again, so I’m getting some PCBs made up.
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