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Blender / music sketch: Coming Home

Blender’s really come on since I last looked at it a year ago, so I’m trying to get to know it. Thought I’d try a really quick and dirty storyboard/previz thing – wrote a quick tune in Logic (yay harmonica yay) and then tried to illustrate it as fast as possible in Blender. Nothing’s textured, and the excessive lens flares are there out of necessity, hiding a multitude of sins… (though nothing can forgive the nasty hard edge on the nebula photo, d’oh, no time to re-render)

Blender 2.66 / AE CS6 / Video Copilot’s Optical Flares / Logic Pro / 1 day


The best bit of Quantum of Solace

This was a lovely touch by someone on the production – as Bond phones to ask for information on a Mr. Greene, we cut to his headquarters, where Bond’s request is being transcribed to computer screen as he speaks. The system is so responsive that it briefly mis-anticipates (is that a word?) a W when Bond spells out “… double E …”, but it swiftly corrects itself. It’s a beautifully subtle way of suggesting that it’s an extremely fast and adaptive computer they have there. Mmmm. Most memorable bit of the film for me. Unfortunately. Nice touch, that, though, so all’s not lost